Get to know your wasps

Get to know your wasps: University of California entomologist addresses misconceptions.

Rachael Long, a University of California Cooperative Extension entomologist and crop adviser, recently told me a story about three wasps that people frequently encounter around their homes and often have misconceptions about.

Cooperative extension advisers get interesting questions from people about plants and insects found in homes, gardens and farms. This tale began when a woman came into the Woodland office and told Long, who represents Yolo, Solano and Sacramento counties, that she had messy wasps in her garage making mud nests and she just sprayed them with insecticide to get rid of them. She came into the Extension office to see what she could do about them. But she was a bit taken aback when Long told her that the wasps are called mud dauber wasps, are spiderhunters, and can be beneficial to us.

wasp nest - Get to know your wasps

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