Wasps Nest Treatment

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The Wasp Destroyer Wasps Nest Treatment

Our technicians are fully trained, fully insured and fully equipped with all the necessary safety equipment to carry out your wasps’ nest treatment.

Before carrying out the treatment we will ensure that no one is in the immediate area; we will advise customers to close all windows and doors and may instruct neighbours to do likewise.

Using a DR5 powder duster we will pump in ‘Ficam Dust‘ into the entry and exit point of the wasps’ nest. Wasps coming in contact with the dust will die very quickly and the residual qualities of the insecticide will mean that other wasps returning to the nest at a later time, will also die.

In the unlikely event that you still see wasps flying in and out of the same hole after 72 hours of it being treated give us a call and we will return free of charge.

We charge a fixed cost fee of just £45* to come out and treat your wasp nests and any additional nests for £10 each

* for VAT registered businesses vat to be added.

Why not give us a call today on 020 8257 7209 or 07976 357 190 to see if we can help with your wasp problem.